Who We Are


Revival School envisions refugee students empowered to flourish as they contribute creatively and culturally in their new homes.


Revival School fosters the CREATIVITY of refugee students in St. Louis by providing CONNECTION to resources that help them flourish, giving them a stage to share their home CULTURE, and developing a community of COLLABORATION through peacemaker training.


Revival School is an after-school program for refugee students in St. Louis City.  The program enables students to identify their God-given gifts and enjoy creative opportunities to develop those gifts through music lessons, arts enrichment, spiritual mentoring, and academic counseling.  In Revival School, refugee students share the cultural treasures of their home countries through song and dance, while learning about opportunities and challenges in American culture. Through individual and group counseling, they receive training in conflict resolution and principles of reconciliation in order to become effective peacemakers in our diverse community. Revival School is driven by a passion to see immigrant and refugee students’ lives changed, and through them, the City of St. Louis changed as well. Everything we do is driven by four goals: Creativity, Connection, Culture, and Collaboration.


Revival School meets Friday evenings from 530-8pm at Third Baptist Church (620 N. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103) for music and arts enrichment, group discussion, guest speakers, mentoring, and dinner. Join us for an Open House on the last Friday of each month.

What is a Refugee?

Refugees have had to leave their homes because of war or insecurity due to discrimination or persecution.  They usually spend many years waiting in a camp in a neighboring country before a small percentage are resettled to new host countries, like the United States.  Refugees often have to start over in their education and careers because of differences in language and culture.  Two great resources to learn more about refugees and resettlement are the UNHCR and World Relief.